Series 8, Clipping Scrapbooks

Series 8 contains 69 clipping scrapbooks, arranged by subject and covering the years Brandeis was known as the "people's lawyer" of Boston. The scrapbooks contain material on widely divergent topics such as: gas, labor, anti-bribery legislation, Harvard Law School, privacy, street railways, competition, efficiency, insurance, freight rates, anti-trust, railroad mergers, Supreme Court nomination, Zionism, and birthday commemorations. (A complete list of the scrapbooks, in order filmed, follows.)

The majority of the scrapbooks contain only news articles, arranged in chronological order within each subject, with source and date written above. Some have indexes. Several of the scrapbooks contain material added later. Letters and clippings were pasted over the original material or on blank pages. These scrapbooks have been filmed as they were found. The several parts of a single clipping may not always be on consecutive frames. Because of the use of a book cradle, oversize material has been filmed sideways.

Scrapbooks entitled L.D.B. Clippings I and Clippings II, contain some especially interesting personal items, like a Brandeis and Wehle family tree, Adolph Brandeis' naturalization papers, and Louis' school report cards. The articles from non-English newspapers have not been translated.

Reel 118 Gas & Labor Scrapbooks
Reel 119 L.D.B. Clippings Scrapbooks
Reel 123 Anti-Trust Scrapbooks
Reel 127 Merger Scrapbooks
Reel 128 Merger Scrapbooks
Reel 129 Merger Scrapbooks
Reel 130 Merger Scrapbooks
Reel 131 Merger Scrapbooks
Reel 120 L.D.B. Clippings & Traffic Efficiency Scrapbooks
Reel 121 Traffic Efficiency Scrapbooks
Reel 122 Traffic Efficiency, Advance Rate, Anti-Trust & W.L.D. Co. Scrapbooks
Reel 124 Anti-Trust & Advance Rate Scrapbooks
Reel 125 Advance Rate, Money Trust & Garment Workers Scrapbooks
Reel 126 Garment Workers & Merger Scrapbooks
Reel 132 Merger & Insurgency Scrapbooks
Reel 133 Insurgency & Supreme Court Nomination Scrapbooks
Reel 134 Supreme Court Nomination Scrapbooks
Reel 135 Supreme Court Nomination & Zionism Scrapbooks
Reel 136 Zionism & Miscellaneous Personal Clippings Scrapbooks
Reel 137 Miscellaneous Personal Clippings Scrapbooks
Reel 138 Miscellaneous Personal Clippings Scrapbooks
Reel 139 Miscellaneous Personal Clippings & Supreme Court Resignation Scrapbooks

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