Writings by Louis D. Brandeis

As more and more of Justice Brandeis' writings fall into the public domain, we will try to post complete texts of his writings. More works will be added here as we prepare them.

Other People's Money, and How the Bankers Use It in its entirety.

Business--A Profession in its entirety.

"The Right to Privacy"--the full text of Brandeis' landmark article.

The Brandeis Brief--Brandeis' brief for Muller v. Oregon.

Brandeis' closing remarks in the Ballinger-Pinchot congressional hearings.

Brandeis' Supreme Court opinions.

The following items are speeches and interviews that have not been reprinted since their original publication:

"An Exhortation to Organized Labor"--the February 5, 1905 speech.

"The Desirable Industrial Peace"--the April 25, 1905 speech.

"What Loyalty Demands"--the November 28, 1905 speech.

"Laborers as Directors with Bosses Possible"--an interview in the February 14, 1915 Boston Post.

"The Jewish Problem: How to Solve It"--the April 15, 1915 speech.

"The Regulation of Competition Versus the Regulation of Monopoly"--the November 1, 1912 speech that was partially reprinted in The Curse of Bigness.

Conversation with Uncle Louis--a transcription from the collection.

An unpublished speech on suffrage from October 12, 1915.

An unpublished speech on voting from December 2, 1904.

An unpublished speech delivered before the Good Government Association from December 11, 1903.

"Twin Evils of the Literacy Test"--the April 6, 1915 speech.

"Zionism and the Aims of Jewish Democracy"--an October 17, 1915 speech given before the Ford Hall Forum.

"The Railroad Situation in New England" -- a speech recorded in the Providence Daily Journal, December 29, 1912.

"Address before the Cambridge Citizens' Trade Association" -- a transcription of a speech given on March 25, 1908.

"Brandeis Urges All Boston Citizens to Be on the Lookout" -- a speech recorded in the Boston Morning Journal, April 9, 1903.

"Brandeis on Big Textile Strike at Lawrence and Industrial Democracy" -- originally published in the March 17, 1912 edition of The Boston American.

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