3+3 Accelerated Law Program

The 3+3 Accelerated Law Program at the University of Louisville allows eligible undergraduate students to apply to the Brandeis School of Law in their junior year.

Students admitted under the program fulfill their senior year of undergraduate credits through the successful completion of their first year law school courses, allowing them to graduate with both a baccalaureate at the end of their first year of law school and Juris Doctor degree two years later, saving a year of tuition and related costs.

Brandeis graduates are using their degrees in a variety of ways, from traditional legal practice to careers in higher education, government or public service.


A: To be eligible for this program, students must meet the following requirements:

A: Students who satisfy the eligibility requirements may apply for admission to the Brandeis School of Law under the 3+3 program prior to completing their junior year at the University of Louisville. Students must apply between October 1 and April 15 of their junior year. In addition, all applicants must satisfy the following:

  • Submit scores from a valid and reliable admission test in order to assist the law school’s Admissions Committee in assessing the applicant’s ability to satisfactorily complete the school’s program of legal education
  • Interview with a Brandeis School of Law admissions representative
  • Complete all other Brandeis School of Law admission requirements

A: 3+3 students will pay the law school tuition rate for all three years they are enrolled in law school. For 3+3 students earning their bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisville, undergraduate scholarships may be used for the first year of law school.

A: The student will be considered a law student during the fourth year/1L year.

If the student fails to complete or fails the law school course it will be the decision of individual departments whether to accept any of the law school credits toward the undergraduate degree. If the student successfully completes the 1L year, the undergraduate degree is awarded at the conclusion of the 1L year.