We are excited to announce that The Department of Campus Rec is switching to a new software system that we have been tirelessly working towards the past few months! The Fusion software will help you enjoy your experience of being a member of the SRC even more. The new system has the ability for you to download the Fusion app right to your phone that will allow you to renew your membership immediately, provide your own virtual barcode ID for entrance into facility, and so much more. .

Interested in purchasing a membership to the SRC?

New memberships must be created in person during the Department of Campus Recreation's Front Office Hours. The office is open Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.


Faculty, staff and retirees of the University of Louisville are eligible to receive a membership to the Student Recreation Center. Memberships are $24 per month. If interested, payroll deduction is an option, but must be processed in office.


Former students of the University of Louisville are eligible to receive a membership to the Student Recreation Center. The University considers anyone who has attended classes at the university to be eligible for alumni status, so a degree is not required for this membership. Memberships are $32 per month.

Visiting Staff/Student/J1 Scholar

Non-university personnel that are visiting temporarily are eligible to purchase a membership to the Student Recreation Center. Visiting Staff/Students must provide a letter from their host department stating length of stay at UofL. J1 Scholars must be on a list provided to the Campus Recreation department via the International Center. Memberships are $24 per month. Not available to be renewed online


Anyone living in the same residence as a student, faculty/staff, alumni member is eligible to receive a membership to the Student Recreation Center. Dependent members receive their own card and can use the facility at any time. Proof of address is required to create and each time you renew (i.e. driver's license, mail, etc.).The documentation that you provide must be dated within 1 calendar year. Member must be present with dependent to complete a new membership or renewal. Dependent membership rate is the same as eligible member rate. Length of membership cannot exceed length of eligible member's membership.

Sport Club

Community sport club members are allowed to purchase a membership for all non-competitive clubs. In order to be eligible for a sport club membership, your name must be on the active roster from the club. Memberships are $40 per semester. Membership is valid during scheduled club practice times and does not allow access to SRC facilities during non practice times.


Individuals who are eligible for an affiliate membership must work for the following campus groups: Aramark, Follett, FirstBuild, SSC Cleaning, and Interfaith. This does not include UofL Hospital employees at this time. Memberships are $32 per month.

Plus One

Any current member of the SRC is eligible to add a "plus one" to their account. This membership is a generic entry for any person who is with member at time of entry. This is NOT a stand alone membership and the "plus one" must remain with the host at all times. Cost is same as membership rate and length of membership cannot exceed length of eligible member's membership. Not available to be purchased online.


University of Louisville
Student Recreation Center
Membership Rates

The following is a list of membership rates for the SRC. Students are paying $246.00 per year for access to the SRC ($98.00 Fall, $98.00 Spring, $50 Summer). All fees were created with the understanding that non-student memberships should be based on the existing student fees. Effective August 1, 2023.

Membership Type Duration Membership Rates
Alumni Per Month $32.00
Faculty, Staff, and UofL Retirees Per Month $24.00
Visiting Staff Membership Per Month $24.00
Dependent Memberships Student- Per Semester (Fall/Spring) $98.00
Student- Summer $50.00
Faculty/Staff $24.00
Alumni $32.00
Summer Validation Full Summer $50.00
Sports Club Community Member Per Semester (Fall/Spring/Summer) $40.00
Affiliates Per Month $32.00
Plus One Generic Guest Added To Card Same As Member Rate
Replacement Card $6.00
Guest Fee Daily $20 per day


Campus Recreation

Student Recreation Center

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University of Louisville

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Office Hours

M-F 9:00am to 5:00 pm

No holiday hours


SRC Tel (502) 852-6707

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