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The SRC is open with a number of Covid-19 regulations. Please visit this link befor you first visit. Complete details of requirements and our efforts to make the SRC as safe as possible are posted here. We are looking forward to seeing you soon! A video of our covid-19 protocols is posted here. 

picture of HSC Fitness Center entrance The HSC Fitness Center is now open every weekday from 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM. Please visit this link before you visit for complete Covid-19 regulations. Complete details of Covid 19 guidelines for users are available here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

picture of someone runningIf you are a student this spring, or are registered for the upcoming fall semester, and will not be in the summer but want to have access to the SRC, you may purchase a summer membership. Memberships run from May 3 to August 23 and cost $50. Stop by the IM Office weekdays between 8:00 AM & 5:00 PM to get yours.

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You are now able to renew your membership to the SRC online. This will save you the time and necessity of renewing in-person in our office. New members may take the same link to fill out an application. At that time someone from our office will contact you and set up an appointment to have your ID made. Go to our membership page for further information.

horses running The SRC will close Friday, April 30 at 5:00 PM and will remain closed until Monday, May 3 at 9:00 AM. We hope you enjoy a safe and happy Derby!

woman exercising We are excited to be able to offer in person classes again but with some stipulations. Per instructions from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, classes will have limited numbers of participants.  To reserve a spot in any class simply tell the staff at the check-in counter that you are here to attend the specific class you want when you are scanning your ID card to enter the SRC. They will give you a card for that class. You then turn that card into the instructor when you enter the class. Reservations for all classes begin 30 minutes prior to the class start time. We will continue to offer  live streamed and recorded classes available on our Instagram account @ULSRC and YouTube channel Louisville Intramurals We also encourage you to look at our Covid protocols here. 

group fitness class holding dumb bells Our Instagram and YouTube accounts have lots of ‘Workouts of the Day’ and pre-recorded workouts that you can access anytime. Follow us on Instagram @ulsrc and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. These will be 1-2 minute videos that will have demonstrations of the exercises and instruction on how many sets and reps to complete for the workout as well as longer, full workout classes. You may also join our online classes on the Instagram account. 


Information on how to plan jogging/walking/running and biking routes here.

Find out how to play games online with the Cardinal Gaming Club here.  

an empty basketball courtWant to know more about the Student Recreation Center and the Intramural Sports Department? Check out our new video! Click here to see the video and learn more about recreational programs and facilities available for University of Louisville students.

We offer both recreational and competitive leagues, clubs, fitness programs and facility use that focus on providing participants with exercise, recreation, competition, and fun. It doesn't matter whether you're a veteran athlete or a first-time participant. There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you that will provide a sense of community and belonging between yourself and the University.


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