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Introduction to Meal Prepping

Whether you’re trying to be healthy, eat fast food less, or spend less money, meal prepping is a smart way to bring home-made meals to work or school. Meal prepping isn’t just making one meal ahead of time, but making a few days’ worth of food at once, and having it ready when you need it. Here are some steps to help you begin planning your meals:

  1. 1.      Preparation:

The point of meal prepping is having everything prepared in advanced. Make sure, outside of the food you want to eat, you have the means to bring it places. Having food storage containers is important, and ones that are the right size for the amount of food you want is also important. Portioning out the food you plan on eating in advance can be very helpful, especially if tracking calories or macros is a goal.

  1. 2.      Organization:

If you’ve planned out meals for a couple of days, planning out what you are going to eat each day can help. Separating food by the day you’re going to eat it (i.e., two meals for Monday, two meals for Tuesday) can help you keep track of your food, and help make sure you eat it


  1. 3.      Only plan for a couple of days:


Unfortunately, cooked food doesn’t last forever. Depending on what’s been made, food is usually good for 2-4 days. Planning around this can help, such as meal prepping on Sunday for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then on Wednesday, prep for Thursday and Friday.


  1. 4.      Keep it simple:


Meal prepped meals don’t have to be anything fancy. Find foods you like that you can make 3-4 servings of and enjoy later!


No matter your reason, meal prepping can be a good alternative to going out to eat for lunch or dinner. Finding foods you like and can bring to work or school can be a useful tool to achieve your goals. If you’re at a loss for foods to make, simply looking up “easy meal prepping recipes” will provide a good starting place.



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