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Elliptical trainers, treadmills, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes and stair climbers comprise the complete line of  cardiovascular equipment at the Health Science Center (HSC)  Fitness Center. The center also features a complete line of weight stack and free weight equipment. Group fitness classes are held in the group fitness studio most days at noon and early evening. Locker Rooms with lockers and individual showers are also available. The gym is located at 416 East Chestnut Street,on the first floor of the UofL Parking Garage.

HSC Fitness Center Hours of Operation

Day Hours
Monday thru Friday 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM
Saturdays Closed
Sundays Closed
Phone 502-852-3115

Students are encouraged to utilize the Student Recreation Center on weekends. Membership is required for faculty and staff at the Student Recreation Center.


HSC Fitness Center Covid 19 Guidelines 

  • The HSC Fitness Center will open on Monday, July 6.. We will observe the required 33% occupancy. That will limit us to 30 users maximum. We apologize in advance if you are asked to wait before entering the facility for someone else to exit.
  • Users must wear a mask to enter the facility and use the mask at all times including while actively working out.
  • The facility will be open 6:00am-7:00pm. Hours of operation may be adjusted pending utilization of the facility. 
  • We will place additional disinfectant bottles in locker rooms and at water fountains for users to wipe down commonly touched areas.
  • There are physical distancing waiting areas indicated on the floor at the entry point. 
  • There are 6 foot distancing positions noted on the floor of the free weight area to insure proper physical distancing. 
  • There are one way directional arrows on the floor to indicate one way traffic flows for participants. 
  • We will continue to use touchless user check-in and touchless equipment checkout. We will disinfect equipment (locks, weight belts, wrist straps, etc.) immediately upon their return.
  • Sweat/shower towel bins will be disinfected after towels are loaded into washer.
  • Only staff will operate TV remotes to prevent unnecessary touching of remote controls.
  • We will move cardio machines that do not require electrical outlets to aerobics room and space other equipment into those areas to enable easier physical distancing. Some equipment will be removed from the facility to allow for better physical spacing. We will make every effort to insure at least one of any duplicated machine is kept in service. 
  • There will be no group fitness classes at the HSC Fitness Center until further notice.  
  • Staff will wear masks at all times.
  • Whenever we have more than one staff on duty, one person will be in the activity areas monitoring physical distancing and cleaning.
  • Laundry will be done at a minimum temperature of 160 degrees and with a CDC approved cleaning agent.
  • There will be signage at the entrance of the locker rooms encouraging physical distancing. The women’s locker area is larger than the men’s. Users are going to be counted on to cooperate in practicing good physical distancing and mask guidelines while utilizing locker rooms and restroom areas.  
  • Users are encouraged to use their elbow or knee to push the handicap entry button. We will prop the group fitness studio door, since there will be cardio equipment in that room.
  • We have 3 Gym Wipes stands for the HSC, 1 for the aerobics studio and 2 for the main floor area. Users should clean equipment after each use. Staff will be conducting continual cleaning as well. 


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