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Classes are free for all students, faculty, staff and HSC dependent ID members. There is no registration, just show up and join in! We look forward to expanding group fitness classes at the HSC Fitness Center. Please follow us on Twitter for new class offerings. @hscfitnessctr.


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Step n Sculpt
Step n Sculpt

Descriptions of All Group Fitness Classes



Cardio Barre Fusion: This 1 hour class combines low-impact cardiovascular exercises with Barre(less) Fitness moves infused with Pilates-based exercises to strengthen your core, improve cardiovascular fitness, and increase flexibility.

Pilates Fusion: This 45 minute class combines Pilates-based movements infused with low-impact, high repetition exercises to strengthen and tone your core, arms, legs, and glutes without the bulk. Each class begins with meditation, ends with relaxing stretches, and leaves you feeling strong and energized.

Power Yoga: This is an all levels power vinyasa yoga class that will strengthen and tone your body by linking continuous movements with breath. A practice that will use mind and body to build core, stamina, flexibility and strength in your body.

Step & Tone: A 1 hour class utilizing the step bench in a variety of combinations to challenge your cardiovascular system and strengthen and tone your muscles.

Stretch & Sculpt: This class combines low-impact, high repetition movements to strengthen and tone your arms, core, legs and glutes without the bulk. Each class begins with meditation, ends with relaxing stretches and leaves you feeling strong & energized.

Cardio, Sculpt & Tone: This 45 minute class will use cardiovascular circuits and interval training to strengthen your whole body while improving your cardiovascular system.


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