wide shot of the main exercise area In the Department of Intramural and Recreational Sports, we want you to become engaged in our programs and facilities. By engaged we mean that you participate or use our programs to an extent that you develop a sense of ownership and belonging with us feel like part of the university community. We want you to feel like you matter here, because you do.

One of our more popular programs is the fitness and wellness program. We offer a wide variety of personal assessments, classes and self directed fitness challenges. By becoming involved in these, it is our hope that you will improve your lifestyle through improving your fitness level and truly become engaged with our program.

In addition to our fitness and wellness programs, our facilities are open over 300 hours per week and offer different opportunities at each location. The open recreation program provides a great chance to try new activities as equipment for things like racquetball and squash are available so you can try new things without having to purchase anything. There is also state of the art weight and cardiovascular equipment available for your use to supplement your fitness needs.


jogging route map

Belknap and HSC Campus Jogging Routes

Floyd Street To Central Avenue (2.79 Miles)

SAC Interior Campus Loop (1.0 Miles)

Circling Campus Route (2.0 Miles)

Old Louisville To Central Park Route (2.45 Miles)

HSC Loop (1.0 Miles)

HSC 2nd Street Bridge Route (4.3 Miles)

HSC Medical Mile (1.0 Miles)

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Intramural Sports

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