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Representatives to University-Wide Committees


Academic Technology Committee

Name Unit Phone Reports
Dror Biran 852-6640
Tom Simmons 852-0569 reports

Alternative Transportation Committee

Name Unit Phone Reports
Joseph Gutmann A&S 595-2340 Reports

Bookstore Advisory Committee

Name Unit Phone Reports
Lee Larson A&S 852-6826 reports

Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality

J.P Mohsen Speed School 852-4596 reports

Commission on the Status of Women

Seana Golder Kent School 852-4023 reports

The Delphi Center

Marianne Hutti   852-7416 no reports

Dining Services Committee

Scott Campbell Law 852-6074 reports

Faculty Athletics Representative; Comm. on Academic Performance

Elaine Wise A&S 852-7149 reports

Faculty Grievance Officer

Enid Trucios-Haynes Law 852-7694 reports

Human Resources Advisory Committee

Pam Feldhoff Medicine 852-7136 reports


Beth Willey A&S 852-0510 reports

Parking Advisory Committee

Karen Karp Education 852-1654 reports
Karen Singleton Nursing 852-3792

Parking Appeals Committee

Allen Ashman LIB/Technical Services 852-8725 2014-2016 reports
J.P.Mohsen LSpeed 852-64596 2014-2016
Katherine Johnson Library 852-6674 2014-2016
Scott LaJoie Public Health 852-1879 2013-2015

Student Conduct Hearing Board (formerly Student Appeals Committee)

Michel Atlas Libraries 852-8534 2014-2017
Carol Brinkman Libraries 852-1008 2013-2016  
Carrie Donald A&S 852-6454 2013-2016 ALTERNATE
Elizabeth Grossi A&S/Justice Admin 852-0381 2014-2017 ALTERNATE
Arnold Karpoff A&S 852-5934 2012-2015  
Kurt Metzmeier Law 852-6082 2012-2015  
Ted Feldmann Medicine 852-5431 2014-2017 ALTERNATE

Student Care Team

Eli Karam Kent 852-6402   reports

Student Government Association

Patrick Hardesty CEHD 852-6887 2014-2015
Scott LaJoie SPHIS 852-1879 2014-2015

Student Grievance Committee

Robert Barker CoB 852-4779 2015 MEMBER
Sharon Bowland Kent 852-6402 2015 MEMBER
Lynn Boyd CoB 852-4791 2014 MEMBER
Donna Gaus CEHD 905-1157 2014 MEMBER
Elizabeth Reilly Libraries 852-6752 2015 ALTERNATE
Elizabeth Smigielski Libraries 852-0754 2016 ALTERNATE
Margo Smith Libraries 852-8724 2014 ALTERNATE

University Awards & Designations Committee

Csaba Biro A&S 852- no reports
Mahesh Gupta CoB 852-4783  


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