KATC Training Site Project at Millard Elementary School

By Laura Ferguson


This year I have had the privilege of working with Melissa Sanders, a teacher at Millard Elementary in Pike County, and many other hard working paraprofessionals in the classroom. From the beginning of the year it has been a great opportunity to work with all the professionals in the room. The classroom environment displayed the use of evidence- based practices. The classroom implemented the use of visual supports, which included picture and written cues for each student, reinforcement and communication systems, and behavior management procedures. The environmental arrangement was organized to meet the specific needs of each of the students in the classroom. Throughout this year the staff has demonstrated the ability to adapt to behavior changes as well as take direction from consultants and demonstrate the new strategies to fidelity. The staff has been excited to work with the project and target specified tasks for each student. Classroom goals have already been met because of the follow through and consistency of all the professionals who work in the classroom.


The training site project began in Jefferson County Schools during the 2008-2009 school year under the guidance and partnership with the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum.  The following year KATC began to expand the project into other areas of the state.  This year the KATC will be working in all of the special education cooperatives throughout the state. Our work in the classroom involves monthly visits to support the local educational team in planning, implementing and evaluating instruction. We work with the school team to select objectives and instructional plans for specified students as well as classrooms. Through the project our goal is to increase the school’s capacity for serving children with autism spectrum disorders by supporting their implementation of research-based strategies.


Congratulations to Millard Elementary School’s commitment to all kids! I look forward to working with Melissa, the paraprofessionals and their wonderful students for the remainder of the school year.


Laura Ferguson is a certified behavior analyst and a Field Training Coordinator for the KY Autism Training Center. She provides direct training and technical assistance to education staff, social and community personnel, counselors, job coaches and families.


KY Autism Training Center Fall 2013 Newsletter November 2013