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ASD Strategies in Action

The Autism Certification Center’s ASD Strategies in Action is an innovative online video training program that will provide practical information and skills, demonstrated with real-life examples in a variety of settings, for those who interact with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  ASD Strategies in Action is a collaborative effort across multiple state agencies to put information into the hands of more people with the goal of making life better for the individuals, parents, and families we serve together. The program was funded under the leadership of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education and the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation.

This training program, based on evidence-based practices, was developed in consultation with internationally renowned experts, family members, and individuals with ASD. ASD Strategies in Action is meant for anyone in our community. You may be a family member of someone on the autism spectrum, an employer hiring an individual on the autism spectrum, a teacher’s assistant working in an early childhood education center, a general or special educator, or a job coach looking to support somebody on the job. This program gives families and service providers (even in the most rural areas of our state) tools to ensure they are equipped to effectively care for, support, educate, employ, or work with individuals with ASD from early childhood to young adulthood. It is organized by age and by strategy to allow easy access to the information that is most relevant to the user.

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Autism Internet Modules (AIM) were developed by the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) in partnership with the Autism Society of America (ASA), the Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network, the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Toronto's Geneva Centre for Autism, this series of online learning modules includes information on assessment and identification of ASDs, recognizing and understanding behaviors and characteristics, transition to adulthood, employment, and numerous evidence-based practices and interventions.

All module content has been written by ASD experts from across the U.S., including the Arizona Department of Education, the Indiana Resource Center for Autism, and the University of Miami Center for Autism and Related Disorders. In addition, OCALI staff members have designed each module to be consistent with research on how adults learn; information is presented at a universal reading level, and interactive activities both reinforce knowledge and teach learners how to make the latest research applicable to real life. Register and learn more about AIM Modules.




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ADEPT(Autism Distance Education Parent Training)

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An original M.I.N.D. Institute/CEDD 10-lesson interactive, self-paced, online learning module providing parents with tools and training to more effectively teach their child with autism and other related neurodevelopmental disorders functional skills using applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques. Please note that this FREE interactive training requires Adobe Flash to run.