Training for First Responders

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**This is a two hour training currently approved for two CE/Contact Hours from the KY Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS) and KY Fire Commission State Fire Rescue Training.

  • Explain what autism is - including characteristics and spectrum of how these characteristics are expressed among individuals with autism.
  • Review frequently used terms, interventions, and common types/titles of caregivers.
  • Understand how to respond to and interact with individual(s) with autism – including communication strategies.
  • Identify de-escalation strategies that could be utilized with individuals with autism
  • Review local, state-wide, and national resources related to autism.

We strongly encourage First Responder agencies to request the in-person training – using the link above.  This format provides the opportunity for discussion, brainstorming and problem solving, as well as enhanced connections amongst participants.  The Kentucky Autism Training Center is able to provide numerous offerings of the training at a variety of times and days of the week to best meet the needs of the requesting agency. For example, one agency needed a single session with 65 participants, while another agency requested 1,200 individuals be trained by offering the training over 20 times.  We are happy to discuss this further with you – please email

While awaiting the in-person training, we welcome individuals or groups to view a video recording of the training.

Does the training space have a screen and projector or TV that we can use for our PowerPoint presentation?  

Would it be possible to invite other first responders to this training (EMS, Fire, Dispatch/Communications, Crisis response team, etc)?  

Will the following equipment be available for our trainers to use during the presentation? Check all that apply. The Kentucky Autism Training Center will bring a laptop to all events.