KATC Model Training Site Project Gearing Up for Next School Year

Laura Ferguson, M.Ed., BCBA


This year we completed our 7th year of the training site project and as we enter our 8th year of the project we are excited that we will again be working in 29 counties throughout the state. The project continues to have a generous number of applicants. Within these schools we have seen a tremendous amount of growth in the knowledge of those evidence-based practices for individuals on the autism spectrum as well as a better understanding of autism. As we completed this year we have heard from teachers, staff, and administrators, about the impact the monthly visits have had on not just the students but also the staff. Myself and the two other school field training coordinators; Michelle Antle and Kim Howard are excited to work with staff throughout the state and to hopefully continue to increase knowledge and understanding of practices that will greatly impact students with autism for years to come.


Below are some comments we have received about the training site process from this past school year:

Timely expertise with insightful feedback and coaching are the most valuable assets for our district and staff in the classroom.”

“They gave numerous suggestions and strategies that I could use in my immediate situation as well as generalize to the future. Very helpful in troubleshooting.”

It is beneficial to have someone else to come on site to give their perspective and suggest ways to improve the student's areas of need.”

“She provided us with plans and modeled how to interact with students. Also, the 1 on 1 meetings with the parents were very beneficial. I also feel that it has improved our parent’s awareness of ways to help the students.”


The model training site project began in Jefferson County Schools in 2009 under the guidance and partnership with the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum.  The following year the KATC began to expand the project into other areas of the state.  Last year the KATC worked in all of the special education cooperatives throughout the state. Our work in the classroom involves monthly visits to support the local educational team in planning, implementing, and evaluating instruction. We work with the school team to select objectives and instructional plans for specified students as well as classrooms. Through the project our goal is to increase the school’s capacity for serving children with autism spectrum disorders by supporting their implementation of research-based strategies.

If you have any questions about the training site initiative feel free to email Laura Ferguson: Laura.Ferguson@louisville.edu