Eight New Members to Join KATC's Advisory Board

Eight New Members to Join KATC's Advisory Board

By Larry Taylor


I am happy to announce that 8 new Board members will be nominated and have agreed to serve on the KATC Advisory Board.  A committee comprised of long serving KATC Advisory Board members, Nat McKay and Diane Zero, was appointed at the December 12, 2015 KATC Advisory Board meeting to identify individuals that would, meet the membership requirements as identified in KATC Legislation (see requirements below), provide regional representation to support KATC’s statewide mission, and be willing to serve on the KATC Advisory Board.  This committee lead by KATC Consultant, Mike Miller worked diligently to develop a list of outstanding nominees that will advise KATC in making a positive impact for individuals and their families challenged by autism.


The list of nominees was to be voted on by the KATC Advisory Board at the March 6, 2015 however; the meeting was canceled due to inclement weather.  This meeting will be rescheduled soon.  At the next Advisory Board meeting, the committee recommendations will be presented and Board will vote on the committee’s nomination.


The names that will be presented are:

  • Maureen Schell-Jefferson County (Parent)
  • Meagan Brannon-Bracken County (Parent)
  • Mindy Pfau-Carter County (Parent)
  • Jennifer Ouderkirk-Fleming County (Parent)
  • Melissa Young (Council for Postsecondary Education/Professional)
  • Ally Brooks-Christian County (Parent)
  • Dr. Nancy Lovett-Murray (Director of Calloway County Regional Training Center)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Sternberg, Bowling Green (Pediatrician, EPS Pediatric Services, LLC.)


I want to welcome the new members and thank them in advance for their commitment to serve.


Advisory Board Requirements:

Pursuant to KRS 164.9817, KATC shall have an Advisory Board that consist of 50% parents or guardians of individuals with autism; 40% persons from professional fields related to autism; and 10% knowledgeable lay persons.  As the director of KATC, I am an exofficio nonvoting member of the advisory board.


R. Larry Taylor, M.Ed. is the KY Autism Training Center Executive Director

KY Autism Training Center Spring 2015 Newsletter (April 2015)