Art Program Engages Students with Autism

By Mike Miller, M.Ed.

The Kentucky Autism Training Center (KATC), University of Louisville Autism Clinic (ULAC), VSA-Kentucky, and Norton Foundation collaborated to provide another art program for students with autism.   Students attending the art program are patients at the University of Louisville Autism Center whose ages range from 4 to 21.   Twelve students attended classes that were held in February at the University of Louisville Autism Center two nights per week for four weeks.

The art project was coordinated by teaching artist Pat Sturzel.  Students in the program completed art projects individually as well as a final group art project.  The quilted wall hanging pictured to the right was the final project for the group of young artists.  The wall hanging will hang in the lobby of the University of Louisville Autism Center lobby.


About Norton Foundation and VSA Kentucky:

The Norton Foundation is a family foundation that supports organizations that foster education, promoting hands-on, active learning.  The mission of the Norton Foundation is to promote the advancement of Waldorf education, and foster hands-on learning experiences and creative community in Louisville, Kentucky.

VSA Kentucky is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing inclusive arts and education programs for children, youth, and adults with disabilities, in addition to, professional development for artist and teachers in schools and communities statewide.