Insurance Information

Autism Insurance Bill that was signed into law April 2010

The autism insurance mandate began January 1, 2011 for fully funded plans. Self insured plans are not included. Please check with your employer. An explanation of the difference between the plans can be found in the autism insurance bill document [PDF].

Three Major Highlights:

  1. Age and Dollar Caps
    • Ages 1-7th birthday – up to a maximum of $50,000 per year of coverage per individual under large group health benefit plans.
    • Ages 7-21 – up to a maximum of $1,000/per month of coverage per individual under large group health benefit plans.
    • Ages 1-21 – up to a maximum of $1,000/ per month of coverage per individual under small group and individual health benefit plans.
  2. Types of Coverage

    Treatment for autism spectrum disorders includes the following care for an individual diagnosed with any of the autism spectrum disorders:

    1. Medical care;
    2. Habilitative or rehabilitative care;
    3. Pharmacy care, if covered by the plan;
    4. Psychiatric care;
    5. Psychological care;
    6. Therapeutic care; and
    7. Applied behavior analysis prescribed or ordered by a licensed health or allied health professional.
  3. KY ABA Licensing Board

    HB159 also included the establishment a Kentucky Applied Behavior Analysis Licensing Board. The initial board consisted of seven (7) members appointed by Governor Steve Beshear:

    • Scott Brinkman and Anne Gregory – representing parents
    • David Bicard, Shelli Deskins, Edward Parker, and Nicholas Weatherly – representing Behavior Analysts
    • Stanley Bittman – representing Psychologists

The board's focus is to write the state regulations for behavior analysts to be licensed to practice Applied Behavior Analysis in KY.  Meetings are open to the public if you are interested in attending.

Please refer to the unofficial copy of the insurance bill for more information.