Complaint Process FAQ

  • Who is responsible for the maintenance of the student complaint log?
    The Student Advocate, housed in the Dean of Students Office, is responsible for the maintenance of the University’s record of student complaints. Any complaints received through the centralized University web form are recorded and tracked by the Student Advocate.

  • What items need to be logged?
    Written expressions of dissatisfaction from students received via the on-line form or written complaints submitted to an Academic or Administrative Unit. (President, Provost, Dean, or Vice President's Office) These complaints may be with the university, its policies, procedures or services AND/OR formal written request for action from students who believe they have been treated unfairly, discriminated against, or have had their rights abridged. Both the submission and resolution of complaints will be logged. Academic and Administrative Units must also maintain office records related to these complaints.

  • Do we need to log complaints that we receive in person or over the phone?
    No, we are only required to log and track written complaints from students.

  • Do we need to log complaints received by individual staff, faculty, or departments?
    No, only written complaints received via the on line form or written complaints from students submitted to an Academic or Administrative Units (Deans, Vice President's, President and Provost Office).

  • Do complaints need to be logged if there is already an existing formal appeals process in place?
    No, if there is an existing appeals process in place for a service or procedure the appeal itself is not considered a complaint that needs to be logged. The appeal is considered part of the established process. Examples include, but are not limited to, residency appeals, first year housing appeals, parking appeals, meal plan appeals, academic petitions, student conduct appeals etc. Complaints about the process of the formal appeal process however should be logged.

  • When a complaint is considered “resolved”?
    When a University official with responsibility for the area related to the complaint provides a response to the student, whether the resolution was in the student’s favor or not.

  • Do complaints from former students, applicants, alumni, or parents need to be entered?
    No, only complaints from currently enrolled students need to be tracked and logged.

  • What process is used to collect complaints submitted directly to the Academic and/or Administrative Units and not through the centralized online form?
    Complaints submitted directly to the Academic and/or Administrative Units should not be submitted to the Dean of Students Office until AFTER the complaint has been resolved. The Student Advocate will send a reminder email to Department Representatives each semester asking for any complaints that have been received and resolved.

  • What information needs to be sent back to the Dean of Students Office when the complaint has been resolved?
    Department Representatives should submit a summary of the complaint, date the complaint was received, summary of the resolution, date of the resolution, and any other pertinent information to the Dean of Students Office at The Student Advocate may request additional information as needed.

  • May complaints be submitted anonymously?
    Yes. Complaints received anonymously will be logged and processed to the extent possible from the information provided. Anonymous complaints may not be submitted via the on line form, rather anonymous complaints may be mailed to:

    Dean of Students Office
    Student Activities Center Room W301
    University of Louisville
    2100 South Floyd Street
    Louisville, KY 40292

  • What happens to the information once it is logged in the database?
    On an annual basis the information will be aggregated and reported to the SACS as needed. SACS access to this information is limited and any reported summary information will redact all personal and confidential information.

  • What about Complaint Processes Mandated by Statute?
    Processes mandated by statute will be processed as required by statute in addition to the logging of the original submission. All submissions will be kept confidential to the extent possible given the need to investigate the complaint, maintain campus safety and comply with federal, state, or local mandates.

  • Where can I file an on-line Complaint?
    Complaints can be file via our on-line Complaint form.