Services for Students with Temporary Disabilities

The Disability Resource Center provides limited services to students with temporary disabilities. Faculty are encouraged to refer students with temporary disabilities to the DRC. Students with temporary disabilities should contact the DRC to request assistance. Medical documentation of injury and anticipated duration of impairment may be required.

Students with injuries that impact writing may request assistance with note-taking in the classroom. If a supplemental note-taker is already identified in a specific class, the student with temporary injury may receive those notes for the duration of the injury. If a supplemental note-taker is not identified in a specific class, the student will be provided with a supply of No Carbon Required (NCR) paper and asked to either request the faculty’s assistance in identifying a temporary, supplemental note-taker, or, the student may ask another student themselves to assist by using the NCR paper.

The DRC can provide assistance to students with temporary injuries who are unable to write exam responses. The student is asked to submit their class schedule to the DRC and we will then provide letters to faculty indicating the student’s eligibility for temporary assistance with exams. Faculty have the option of working out the exam arrangements directly with the student, or, DRC can administer and assist the student by providing a scribe. DRC will inform the faculty that some flexibility may be needed regarding precise times that exams can be scheduled at the DRC, as this will depend on availability of a scribe. Depending on the nature of the subject, assistance from the academic department may be necessary to identify a qualified scribe for the exam.

DRC does not provide students with temporary or permanent disabilities with homework or out of classroom assistance with writing or typing papers. Students who inquire about this type of assistance may be referred to voice recognition technology software.

DRC does not provide personalized transport for students with permanent or temporary disabilities. Students with temporary mobility limitations are encouraged to consider several options including but not limited to: talking to faculty about possibility of attending different sections of a specific class, using the accessible campus shuttles to move around the perimeter of campus, applying for a temporary handicapped parking permit, working through their Dean’s office for an administrative switch to a distance education section of a specific class if available, renting a motorized wheelchair, or using the campus escort service in event of an emergency.

For additional information, contact:

Colleen Martin, Director
Disability Resource Center
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