DRC Exam Honor Policy

In utilizing exam accommodations proctored by the Disability Resource Center, I agree to the following:

  1. I will remain honest in my endeavors to complete an exam, quiz or paper in the manner of which it was requested by my professor.
  2. I will NOT bring into the testing area any notes, scrap paper, or any other unauthorized material, nor will I attempt to conceal or write any notes on any part of my body. In addition, I will not attempt to deceive the Disability Resource Center staff in any manner by giving misinformation about the date, time or manner in which the test is to be given. Such misinformation is viewed as unethical and dishonest.
  3. I will adhere to the time limitation for testing set forth by the Disability Resource Center.
  4. I will complete the test in the time set forth, and will not leave the testing area during the test, unless authorized by a staff member in the Disability Resource Center.
  5. Any discrepancies in the manner (instructions) or resources used for the test (open notes, calculator) must be settled PRIOR TO TESTING, between the Disability Resource Center Staff, the appropriate professor, and myself.
  6. If the Disability Resource Center staff perceives that any academic dishonesty has occurred, they will immediately take possession of the test, and contact the instructor as soon as possible. The Professor will then use discretionary measures to follow the University guidelines for academic dishonesty.
  7. While I am taking my exam/test/quiz etc in the Disability Resource Center I understand that I am being monitored by video surveillance equipment. This equipment is closed circuit, but is capable of recording for purposes of a delayed viewing. Recordings will be shared with my professor if I am caught cheating on an exam/test/quiz, etc.
  8. This agreement pertains to this semester and all semesters after this in which I am enrolled at U of L.
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