How to Plan an Accessible Event

Assuring that your event is accessible to all is easier if you incorporate access in the planning stages. The following information will help you plan for and provide accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

When Planning Your Event:

  • Feel free to contact the Disability Resource Center at (502) 852-6938 for assistance in planning an accessible event.
  • Identify funding sources for accommodations that involve a cost.
  • Make all accessibility arrangements well in advance of the event.

When Making Event Arrangements:

  • Designate a person who will be responsible for any accommodation requests.
  • Put a standard “accessibility contact statement” on all your publicity, including flyers, print ads, web pages, radio, and TV spots. The statement should invite persons who require accommodations to make requests by contacting the designated person. Here is a sample “accessibility contact statement”:
    • “If you have a disability and require accommodation to participate in this event, please make your request by contacting Mary Jones at 555-5555 or (email address). Please make your request by (specific date) to allow sufficient time to secure the requested accommodations.”
  • Schedule events in wheelchair accessible buildings and rooms.
  • Be sure that attendees have easy access to accessible restrooms.
  • Be sure that attendees have access to appropriate parking.
  • Provide seating toward front of room for attendees who are using sign language interpreters or real-time captionists.
  • Situate sign language interpreters near the event speaker and within clear sight of deaf attendee(s) so that both the speaker and the interpreter can be viewed simultaneously.
  • Provide advance copies of written materials and outlines for sign language interpreters when possible.
  • When possible, all media shown (videos, etc.) should be captioned for viewing by persons who are deaf.
  • Be prepared to provide materials in alternative format upon request (preferably BEFORE the scheduled event). Alternative format (such as Braille, large print, or electronic version) may be required by persons who are blind or visually impaired.

When Configuring Your Event Setup:

  • Notify attendees who have requested accommodations that the requested accommodations are in place.
  • Identify and publicize the location of accessible restrooms.
  • Be sure to walk through your event venue to be sure that automatic door openers and elevators are operational.
  • Verify that paths of travel are clear and free of steps for wheelchair access.
  • Be aware of lighting or any visual obstructions that could hinder visibility.

Enjoy your event, knowing that it is accessible to all!


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