Faculty Media Creation

What do you want to make?

Video | Audio | Graphic Design or Image | Presentation | Something Else

 Whether you are new to creating digital media products or have experience from the days of dial-up, creating a digital media product can be a challenge on your own.  Jason, digital media consultant for the Delphi Center, can provide advice, best practices, production and editing support, or just a sounding board for your ideas.

Digital Media Suite - Studios

The DMS houses an audio studio and video recording studio available to all faculty.  These studios include a variety of specialized tools supporting the creation of high quality and dynamic instructional content.  Utilize advanced tools, such as the eGlass Ligthboard, Wacom One drawing monitor, or Epson Interactive Projector.  

Learn more about our resources and services, and how to schedule time to use them. 

One Button Studio

The One Button Studio provides faculty with the capability to create high quality video recordings, including presentation content, all at the press of a single button.  Find out more and make reservations at the One Button Studio website.

Teaching Innovation Learning Lab

Careful planning for the use of technology in the classroom is a strong indication of its success.  Learn more about possible processes for planning and designing media and media assignments.

Flipped Classroom Design and Techniques