Working Remotely

Updates regarding changes to academic services or events for UofL students

Telecommuting guidelines

We are open but recommend that employees work from home.

In light of the current global health emergency, we have developed temporary guidelines for telecommuting. This temporary change will be re-evaluated throughout the pandemic to determine if that date needs to be changed.

The temporary guidelines for telecommuting states that, we are open, but recommend that employees work from home. An employee’s eligibility to work remotely will be determined by their VP, dean, or vice provost. These decisions will be final and not grievable. The temporary telecommuting guidelines are only for the current global health emergency, and will not be an ongoing telecommuting policy.

Tools for remote work

If you have been approved to work remotely, ITS can assist you in creating a successful remote work environment. Functionality within our Microsoft Office 365 offering has been increased and we encourage you to use these resources to work collaboratively and seamlessly in a virtual environment.

In addition, the HelpDesk can assist you with any technology support you may need.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is the university’s supported and approved communication and collaboration platform. Teams is part of the university’s contract with Microsoft which includes a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Unless prohibited by specific contract or regulation, Teams is approved for use by all units and areas within the university. In response to the current national healthcare crisis, the university has temporarily approved the use of Teams for telehealth and other patient/client audio and video interactions. Streaming calls and video sessions are technically unable to be recorded; however, Teams makes available the ability to record meetings. If you believe your business functions require recorded meetings, approval must be obtained by the Privacy and Information Security Offices prior to use of the recording capability. Otherwise, recording and storage of these interactions is prohibited. If recording is approved, it is the responsibility of university participants to understand sharing/storing controls and to ensure recordings are not shared with unauthorized persons. Guest and external parties do not have the ability to start, stop or access recordings.


Zoom is a communication and collaboration platform used by many other organizations and universities. UofL does not currently have a university vetted and approved contract in place and therefore the use of Zoom is not approved for interactions that involve any form of sensitive information or discussion. This includes student (FERPA, GLBA), patient/customer (HIPAA, PCI, HB5) or any other university sensitive information. Zoom is not an ITS supported or recommended platform. University Leadership does not support the usage of Zoom.

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Working remotely
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Equipment for remote work

In most cases, working remotely will require the use of a computer. UofL issued computers are recommended when available over personal devices. However, if you are responsible for sensitive information (such as HIPAA, FERPA, PII, PHI, etc.), you will be required to use university computers or have remote access to your personal device established by ITS. Support and information on working remotely is available from ITS. Any questions about device security should be directed to ITS Helpdesk at (502) 852-7997.

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Working on campus

The reality is that not all of our employees will be able to work remotely. In order to remain open and continue to serve our student population, we will still need staff to be physically present in the workplace (e.g. custodial, housing, public safety, security, mail processing, libraries, etc.). Also, our Health Sciences Center schools (medicine, dentistry, nursing and public health) will be making determinations based on patient care. In all these instances, your deans, vice presidents, and vice provosts are fully committed to creating staggered work schedules, whenever possible, so we can maximize social distance.

Tracking hours

Please continue to track your work hours as you would when at the worksite.