The following information is meant to guide supervisors on where to find needed information and resources for facilitating a safe and healthy environment for their employees.


The university is distributing a limited amount of masking signage through the building coordinators. Additional signage should be ordered through the Canon website

Printable 8.5 x 11 signs are also available for download below if you would like to print your own additional signage. Please note these university signs are not allowed to be edited, changed or altered in any way.

Ordering PPE

Information about how to order PPE supplies (i.e., masks, disinfectant spray, wipes, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.) is available on the Stockroom webpage. Be sure to utilize the requisition order form available on their webpage to secure both free and charged items.

Human Resources

For personnel-related items regarding COVID-19, visit the COVID-19 HR Information webpage

Click here for all supervisor resource documents related to UofL's COVID-19 response.

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