University Integrity and Compliance

Providing independent oversight of the university's compliance programs

About Us

The University Integrity and Compliance Office serves as a resource and provides guidance to administration, faculty, staff and units (departments, programs, committees). 

There are many external laws and regulations that apply to the university. To help the university be compliant with these requirements and university policies, the University Integrity and Compliance Office provides support to university compliance programs and partners regarding:

  • Establishment of institutional-level policies and procedures;
  • Communication tools to aid in reporting compliance matters;
  • Investigation and response to compliance reports;
  • Review of new or recently revised compliance requirements;
  • Periodic compliance risk assessments; and
  • Other tools to help reduce or manage university risks.

Each compliance program of the university has designated compliance officials or subject matter experts to provide oversight and on-going assurance of adherence with external requirements and university policies and procedures.

The University of Louisville, its students, employees, and the entire community will be better served by fostering a culture of compliance.