Cap & Gown Ordering

The commencement team has been working with our cap & gown partner, Jostens, to develop an ordering website with the option for the order to ship to your home. The cap & gown ordering website is available by clicking ORDER NOW or via the following link  https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/customer/1069462/University-of-Louisville/

All orders placed on this site, through July 31st, will be shipped to the address you indicate on your order. When submitting your order, you will be asked to select your degree from a drop-down menu labeled "major/curriculum". You should select your degree from this list. For example, if you are receiving a Bachelor of Science degree, you would select science from the drop-down menu. The Degree Tassel and Hood Trim Color page is available for your reference. 

We want to be clear, a traditional celebration of your accomplishments will be held at a future date. For those students who place an order now, but who want to participate in the in-person celebration, you will be able to use this regalia without having to re-order in the future.  

Students who need assistance placing their order may e-mail commence@louisville.edu  

Jostens is offering discounts to our University of Louisville graduates on jewelry and diploma frames.

To receive $100 off college jewelry enter the promo code CONGRATS100 through July 31st, 2020. 

To receive 20% off diploma frames enter the promo code CONGRATSFRAME through July 31st, 2020.

Note: The degree application on ULink and the cap and gown order are two different steps. All candidates for degrees, whether or not participating in Commencement,must complete a degree application on ULink (Student Services tab, under the Registration heading). To participate in the commencement ceremony you must apply for your degree and order a cap and gown.