Society of Undergraduate Chemistry Students (SUCS)

Who are we?

The Society of Undergraduate Chemistry Students (SUCS) is an active student run organization at the University of Louisville.

Who can join?

Students who are currently enrolled, or have already completed, organic chemistry II and who plan to pursue a minor or major in chemistry or chemical engineering.

Our mission

Our mission is to help undergraduate chemistry students pursue research opportunities, create connections with faculty, and successfully complete their undergraduate degree with worthwhile experiences.

Our proudest achievement

Our proudest achievements are our continued relationship with Science Olympiad that we continue to volunteer for every year as well as the Chemistry banquet we put on every spring semester to celebrate graduating seniors and all of their achievements.


The SUCS Officers are elected at the end of the spring semester and have the responsibility of organizing events for students, fundraising, and acting as a liaison to the University Graduate Student Council.

Faculty Advisor

Professor Lenore Hoyt []