A&S Subvention Funding

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Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society (CCHS)

A&S Subvention Funding

Subvention of academic publication in the College of Arts and Sciences at UofL is administered by CCHS and is supported by the College of Arts & Sciences. Funds are limited and are available on a rolling basis each academic year until they are depleted. This fund provides $500 for all requests; should there be money left at the end of the year, additional funds may be allocated to existing projects.

These funds directly support legitimate costs for the publication of refereed and accepted scholarly books and journal articles, which may include page charges, book subvention, costs for illustrations and/or permissions, etc., in cases where such costs are the author's responsibility.

 Publication Activities Supported by Subvention Funds:

  • Refereed manuscripts accepted for publication by other reputable academic outlets that may require UofL subvention for all or part of the costs of publication, e.g., costs for indexing, permissions, illustrations, etc.
  • Partial or complete subvention of manuscripts that have been accepted for publication by recognized, refereed scholarly journals, but which require the payment of page charges.

Excluded from  Support:

  • Research costs, such as course release, materials, travel, preparation of manuscripts, etc.
  • Expenses for pedagogical improvement, such as workshops, speakers, course development
  • Publication of un-revised theses and dissertations
  • Non-refereed, non-scholarly publications
  • Publication of textbooks
  • Complete start-up costs or ongoing support for scholarly journals edited or published by members of the University community

Requirements for Support  Requests:

For manuscripts that have already been refereed and accepted by an academic publisher and that require subvention, send the following to the CCHS Director:

  • Letter of request describing the kind and amount of subvention required, and other details pertinent to publication
  • Invoice of completed work
  • Documentation of the manuscript's acceptance, including copies of your correspondence with the editors, referees' reports, etc.


Funds are allocated on a rolling basis, with all materials due by March 15.  After this, committed funds are freed up to pay for publication costs of people on the waitlist.

Send all materials to:

Commonwealth Center for Humanities and Society

Stevenson Hall, Room 410

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY 40292