Bingham Faculty Fellows

Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society (CCHS)

Bingham Faculty Fellows

Since 2016, CCHS establishes an annual theme that provides the foundation for both the academic year's scheduled events and the year-long fellowships awarded to six A&S faculty who serve as that year’s Bingham Faculty Fellows. CCHS themes are planned to stimulate wide interest and to cut across different disciplinary questions and diverse approaches. In keeping with the core mission of CCHS, they seek to foreground forms of humanistic inquiry in research and advanced learning not only in humanities departments but also across the whole range of departments of the college. Throughout the school year, the program regularly runs as a colloquium, focusing on written materials disseminated by the Bingham Faculty Fellows and special guests. The Spring Interdisciplinary Symposium typically features work by each of the Fellows, responses by experts from distinguished visitors, and an open discussion among the participants and the audience. As space permits, graduate students and other faculty are invited to participate. Readings for the Spring Interdisciplinary Symposium will be provided by sending an email request to the CCHS Coordinator at .

2024-25 Stories of Place

2023-24 Bodies and Embodiment

2022-23 Trauma, Precarity, and Resilience

2021-22 Forms of Engagement—Scholarship & the Social Turn

2020-21: The Anthropocene, Environment, and Modernity

2019-20: Belonging, Exile, and Place

1929 map showing the folk art movement in Kentucky

2018-19: Intersections/Boundaries/Transgressions

2017-18: Affect, Emotion, Sensation

vintage map of Kentucky

2016-17 Mapping the Humanities