2023-24 Events

Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society (CCHS)

2023-2024 Events 

Save the Date(s)!

-Facing East (a documentary screening about Eastern Cemetery with subsequent panel discussion), February 4th—3:00 - 5:30 pm

-Bingham Faculty Fellows Symposium, April 4-5 

-Annette Allen Mentorship Award, mid-April

CCHS Sponsored Events

Writing for Public Audiences: Interested in sharing your work with audiences beyond the academy? This workshop will address how scholars can write for the public. Led by Bonnie Jean Feldkamp, Courier Journal Opinion Editor, this workshop will also provide an opportunity to brainstorm how to share your work with the CJ. November 10th 12-1 PM CCHS Conference Room Stevenson Hall, 417 For any questions e-mail brandon.harwood@louisville.edu
CCHS Roundtable: Chao Auditorium THURS NOV 2nd, 12-1 PM Unions in the U.S. From Hollywood to the assembly line, unions have been in the news. This roundtable will provide some context. Panelists will discuss the history of U.S. labor unions, examine legal frameworks for past labor disputes, and outline how current industries are strengthening union power. A Q&A will follow. Please e-mail brandon.harwood@louisville.edu with any questions.

CCHS Co-Sponsored Events

Global Humanities Lecture Fall 2023 LOUISVILLE. Jennifer Ponce de León: Art in Class Struggle. Aesthetics, Ideology, and Militant Art in the Americas. NOVEMBER 9, 2023 | 4 PM | SPEED MUSEUM, GRAND HALL FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it,
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