2019-20: CFA—Belonging/Exile/Place

Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society (CCHS)

2019-20: CFA—Belonging/Exile/Place

Application Deadline: January 18th 2019

CCHS is organized around an annual theme that provides the foundation for the Bingham Faculty Fellows Program, the academic year’s scheduled events, and for a Humanities Research Lab, involving a bimonthly colloquium. The theme for the 2019-2020 academic year will be Belonging/Exile/Place. Proposals might explore single, dual, multiple, or competing sites of belonging; the valorization or repudiation of exile; place as a realm of attraction or estrangement; social, political, religious, or racial/ethnic groups and their experiences of inclusion/exclusion; real and imagined spaces of community and alienation and their functions in artistic representations, political discourse, and theories of the self. The theme is intended broadly, and we welcome any proposal that promises an innovative theoretical, sociocultural, critical, historical, or artistic approach to thinking about the nature and significance of belonging, exile, and place.

CCHS themes are designed to touch upon diverse disciplinary questions and approaches. In keeping with the core mission of CCHS, they seek to foreground forms of humanistic inquiry in research and advanced learning not only in humanities departments but also across the whole range of departments of the College.

The CCHS theme provides the rubric for the Humanities Research Lab. While the theme needn’t be the explicit topic of all proposals, it is expected that Faculty Fellows will position themselves to contribute substantively to scholarly discussion of the theme.

Humanities Research Lab will be held twice monthly on the second and fourth Friday (typically at 12:30, with lunch provided) and run as a colloquium.


The Commonwealth Center for Humanities and Society invites applications for up to six CCHS Internal Faculty Fellows* around the selected theme for 2019-2020: BELONGING/EXILE/PLACE.

  • Fellows are required to be in residence during the academic year, to present one lecture or one workshop on their research, and to participate regularly in the activities and organization of the Humanities Research Lab while completing their own research projects.
  • Fellows will play a role in shaping CCHS programming for the academic year, from inviting distinguished guest speakers to finding innovative ways to share scholarship with our arts and culture partners in the community.
  • Fellows will receive one course release.
  • Fellows will receive a supplemental research/travel stipend from CCHS estimated at $1,500.

Applications are due Friday, January 18th, 2019, and require a current CV, a proposal of up to 1,000 words describing the project to be pursued while a Fellow, and a brief letter of support from the faculty member’s department chairperson.

Please email all materials to the CCHS Director, John Gibson, . Fellows will be appointed by the Dean, as recommended by the CCHS Advisory Board, and will be named in January 2019.

*CCHS seeks to create an intellectually diverse group of faculty fellows who will benefit from conducting their research in a multidisciplinary setting. Fellowships are open to all tenured and tenure-track A&S faculty engaged in humanistic scholarship. CCHS Advisory Board members are not eligible to apply.