2014 Annual Lecture on Asian Democracy

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Zunar, Malaysian political cartoonist, winner of the 2011 CRNI Award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning, currently fighting sedition charges in Malaysia

Wednesday, January 22nd, 7:00pm, Brown & Williamson Club at Papa John’s Stadium.  Admission is free.  Call (502) 852-2667, or go here for tickets and more info.

To Fight Through Cartoons, Even My Pen Has a Stand pic

More about Zunar:

ZunarIn June 2010, the Malaysian government banned the publication of his book 1 Funny Malaysia and in September of 2010 he was arrested under the Sedition Act on the eve of the publication of another collection of his cartoons entitled Cartoon-o-phobia.

Following his release, Zunar has continued to use his cartoons to highlight the use of repressive legislation against regime opponents, as well as to expose corruption at the heart of government. In so doing, he continues a long history of cartoons as political form that demonstrates that the pen (and indeed brush) can be mightier than the sword. To learn more, visit his website at: www.zunar.my/