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The Center for Asian Democracy is now entering its second decade and we’d like to do so much more. That's where you can come in. Thanks to the internet and social media crowd funding has now become an alternative funding model for all sorts of activities, organizations and projects. So we’d like you to consider donating directly to the Center to enable us to do more in the future. In the last year or so we have experimented with our own podcast series “Inside Asia”, grown our social media presence and continued to bring a range of speakers to the University of Louisville to share their knowledge and passion about different countries of the region and different subject areas. We’ve heard from a Chinese political prisoner, a Malaysian cartoonist, a Rohingya Muslim activist from Burma, hosted ambassadors and best-selling authors. But we are eager to hear from you about the kind of things you’d like to see us do, and we have some ideas of our own too. One project we’d like to launch is a podcast series of stories from the many Asian communities that call our city home, documenting their narratives, recalling the challenges they faced and discussing their hopes for the future.

Of course we’re academics too and we’ve been doing some exciting research on the relationship between internet and social media use with political activism and participation in Asia. We funded surveys investigating this in China, Malaysia and The Philippines and we’d like to add to the list from South Korea to Taiwan, Indonesia to Burma and beyond.

So any and all contributions are welcome. Unless you request otherwise we will add any contributions to an online donor thank you page and keep you all updated on our future projects. Moreover, if you have not joined our Facebook page yet please follow the links to it and above all send your ideas for things you’d like to see from us. Feel free to think big and small, we want to be an actor and resource that you feel is part of this community and not separate from it.