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A&S Research Newsletter

Newsletter - Fall 2022

Active Principal Investigators with Current Sponsored Projects Funding (Grants) Training on Bi-Reports, Tuesday October 25, 2022. Noon - 1 P.M. in Shumaker Research Building - SRB 139. Please email confirmation if you plan on attending to

Looking for UEI# or other General UofL Information required by Funding Agencies? Here is the link:

General UofL Information Required by Funding Agencies - Office of Research and Innovation (

Need assistance with your proposal? Contact the A&S Research Office as soon as you know you will be submitting a proposal.

Grant Reconciliation Policy

Each Principal Investigator is required to review and approve their financial reconciliation(s) monthly for their individual grants. You will receive email notification with the link in OnBase to access and approve your financial reports monthly.

Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Confirm that all Salary charges are accurate. If there are charges for personnel that should not be charged to the specific grant OR, if there are salary charges for personnel missing, contact your Financial Coordinator.
  • Review all Other Expenses posted each month for allowability allocability and reasonableness for the specific grant project.
  • Verify all Travel expensed to grant 100% directly benefited the specific project, and submit the specific project related business purpose and receipts to your Financial Coordinator.

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Rates

The F&A indirect cost rate for organized research on campus is 56.5% 7/1/11 - 6/30/23

DHHS Date: 3-26-19

Indirect Costs / F&A - Office of Research and Innovation (

College of Arts and Sciences Proposal Submission Procedure and Sponsored Programs Contacts

Currently, the proposal submission is completed in IRIS. EVPRI has purchased a new software for proposal submission entitled CAYUSE. Proposed implementation estimated dated for CAYUSE is 1-1-23. The five-day policy for FULLY COMPLETED proposals submitted to OSPA will probably be increased by several days when CAYUSE is implemented. As soon as we have more information, we will forward to you.

Grants Specialists:

Sandrine Mutabazi- Grant Mgmt. Specialists for Biology, Chemistry, Geography/Geosciences, Physics, Psychology


Roberta Brock- Grant Mgmt. Specialist for Anthropology, Communication, Humanities, Criminal Justice, English, Fine Arts, History, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Pan African Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Theatre Arts, UPA, Writing Center, Women’s and Gender Studies


Brittany Staverman- Contact Services for all A&S departments

brittany.staverman@lou.edu852-5022 - along with non-financial agreements related to sponsored programs (NDA, DUA, and MOUs)

Gail Wilmes- Grant Mgmt. Accountant for all A&S departments


Graduate Student Tuition FY23

Fall 2022, Spring 2023, & Summer 2023 Tuition

Graduate Regular (non-Online) Tuition

Candidacy $1,534 per semester Annual 12 mos. $4062

Resident $767 per cr. hour Annual 12 mos. $18,396

Non-Resident $1,567 per cr. hour Annual 12 mos. $37,592

Graduate Student Annual Benefits (FY 2023): $3,468 includes Health Ins., Workmen’s Comp and Unemployment. Tuition is for Full-Time (9 cr. Hrs. or Candidacy Fall and Spring) (6 cr. Hrs. or Candidacy Summer)

Conflict of Interest

The following are required to complete an Attestation and Disclosure Form (ADF) in iRIS on an annual basis.


  • All University of Louisville Employees
  • All Individuals participating in research under the auspices of U of L


    regardless of compensation. This includes all individuals with a research appointment.

Access the iRIS Log In screen at and enter your Ulink UserID and Password. Click on My Assistant, then Attestation and Disclosure Form. Your ADF is not complete until you have re-entered your Username and Password as signature verification and are presented with the tracking history of your completed document. ADF tip sheets and FAQs are on the Conflict of Interest Program’s website.

Gardiner Hall, Room 320

PLEASE email the Research Service Acct:

Michael Menze, Associate Dean of Research & Innovation 852-8962

Cary Chernov, Research Grants Coordinator, Sr. 852-2240

Jon Schmidt, Research Proposal Officer, II 852-5588

Proposal Clearance Forms in iRIS

Please use the most recent PCF 8-5-20 and instructions which are located at: Proposal Clearance - Office of Research and Innovation (

Currently, completed PCFs are due to the A&S Research Office a minimum of 7 WORK DAYS before the sponsor deadline and to OSPA a minimum of 5 WORK DAYS before sponsor deadline.