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Please complete this form if you are the Principal Investigator (PI) and must notify the College of Arts and Sciences Research Office (ASRO) of your intent to submit a proposal to a sponsor. Provide as much information as possible upfront to reduce preparation time and emails. New Proposals are due to the ASRO no less than fifteen (15) working days before the sponsor's submission deadline. The fifteen (15) day timeframe refers to "working days" as Monday through Friday and shall not include Saturdays, Sundays, University closures nor Federal holidays. Please note that all grant documents must be forwarded by ASRO to the Office of Sponsored Program Administration (OSPA) five (5) working days before the sponsor deadline. We cannot guarantee that proposals submitted to OSPA less than five working days before the sponsor deadline will be processed and forwarded to the sponsoring agency on time. If the submission involves a subcontract, please have all of the documentation, including budget and justification, in the ASRO no less than twenty-one (21) working days before the sponsor or submission deadline.

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Will any UofL participant handle? (Select all that apply)  You are responsible for complying with UofL safety rules, policies and procedures. Documentation of Institutional approval for actions pending at time of proposal must be provided prior to activation of award.
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I am aware that all personnel should be current on their ADF/COL  If you are unsure of personnel ADF/ COI status, contact