Raise Some L 2020

Welcome to the Hite Art Institutes Raise Some L Campaign!

This year the Hite Art Institute is participating in Raise Some L in an effort to raise scholarship money for our awesome students! Scholarships provide numerous opportunities to our students to enhance their academic experience, and provide grant funding for graduate and undergraduate research and travel. Your contributions can ensure that our students are able to focus on their studies and allow them to excel in all of our programs!

On this page find some exclusive interviews with our current BFA students, a catalog of impressive exhibitions hosted in our art galleries and some check-ins with former students! Or go ahead and jump to information on donating today!

Take a look below at what our scholarship students have been up to in the Department of Fine Arts and learn why our scholarships and your contributions can make a huge difference!

About: Paige Workman is a junior in the Interior Design program here at the Hite Art Institute. Paige discusses Interior Design curriculum, special projects, and her fellow students' work. Paige will eventually use her knowledge from the program to apply to graduate school. Afterward, she plans to travel as a preservationist of historical architecture and interiors. She will return to Louisville after accumulating valuable experience and will direct her efforts toward preserving this city's historical infrastructure. You can read a transcript of Paige's interview Here.

About Amaiya: As a sophomore and a 3D Fine Arts major, Amaiya Crawford explores wearable, multi-media sculptures and is on track to receive her BFA here at the Hite Art Institute. Amaiya plans to continue developing her knowledge of 3D practices this semester in hopes that she may eventually apprentice as a costume designer in the theater or movie industry. Access to facilities and connections through her 3D courses have enabled Amaiya to continue to perfect this piece as she gears toward her future creating wearable artworks. Read a transcript of Amaiya's interview Here.

About: Sam Minrath, a junior in the BA program, touches on social justice, art therapy, and self expression through her work. After taking the Concepts and Methods and the Fibers courses here at the Hite Art Institute, Sam developed her performative installation piece "Who Am I Now," and exhibited it at UofL's "Take Back the Night," an activism event demonstrating for women's rights. Sam will continue to collaborate with the Fine Arts faculty and students on this ongoing project. She plans to study art therapy after graduating with her Bachelors. You can read a transcript of Sam's interview Here.

About Bradley Fowler: Bradley Fowler is a senior in the BFA program at the Hite Art Institute. He is currently preparing a multidisciplinary body of work for his culminating senior project, the BFA thesis exhibition. After researching perception and experimenting with media in his classes, Bradley landed on a series that explores tactility of light, color, and paint with sound elements. His work will create an immersive experience for his viewers, which will lead them to question their physical reality. With help Fine Arts faculty, Bradley has decided to work as a freelance artist and will eventually attend graduate school after leaving Hite this fall. You can read a transcript of Bradley's interview Here.

Looking for More? Take a look at our digital exhibitions catalog! BFA and MFA students utilize our Schneider Hall Gallery and Cressman Center Gallery annually to exhibit their work in their final thesis projects. Plus our curatorial and art history students have also used our galleries to curate projects, conduct research and experiment. Our galleries also serve as a tool to bring in outside artists to the university which serve to teach and inspire our students. Dive in to see more!

One More Thing! We checked in with a couple of our Hite Art Institute Alumni to see what impact they have been having on the community and how the Hite helped get them there:

Ready to donate? Use our handy guide: 

  1. Go the Raise Some L 2020 page. 
  2. Scroll down to the list of Participating Groups. Click College of Arts & Sciences.
  3. Scroll down again and select "A&S Departments & Programs” 
  4. In the Fund Designation window select "Fine Arts/Hite Art Institute - Scholarships

More information on our undergraduate scholarships can be found Here Graduate student funding and assistantship information is Here