Mental Misconceptions: The Art of Self Care

May 17 - August 30, 2019
Mental Misconceptions: The Art of Self Care

Exhibition: May 17 - August 30, 2019
Reception: May 17, 2019 5-7 pm 

“Mental Misconceptions: The Art of Self-Care”, is an art exhibition that investigates, comments, and validates the correlation between mental health and the healing process otherwise known as “post-trauma growth.” Post-trauma growth refers to those who have experienced a stronger sense of well-being after a traumatic event. This exhibition solely focuses on local artists and their unique interpretations towards their own self-care and the treatment of others.  

Mental Misconceptions features eleven local Louisville artists including: Megan Bickel, Red Biddix, Jeremy Brightbill, Julio Cesar Rodriguez Aguilar, Andrew and Simon Cozzens, Carrie Donovan, Brianna Harlan, Tammy Richardson, KCJ Szwedzinski, and Letitia Quesensberry. Many of these artists have experienced their own forms of trauma and have chosen to tackle these issues head on, while documenting their own progression. Megan Bickel’s (Hite Art Institute MFA Candidate) work focuses on illusions surrounding the truth through mimicking patterns and textiles that cause discomfort and confusion. Other artists have decided to show the soothing effects of healing. Andrew and Simon Cozzens’ visual and sound installation piece “Mind Full Change” shows the visual effects of the brain as if we were looking at a CT scan. By manipulating the color pigments to move along the platforms with a binaural beat, we witness the red color eventually becoming blue, which symbolizes calm. Then there are artists who embrace both the chaos and reflective qualities of mental health. Brianna Harlan and Tammy Richardson’s installation piece “Living Room” creates a cozy, safe space with a couch, lamps, and photographs of both public and intimate spaces void of human life. This installation piece was created to talk about deeply personal topics, specifically the effects of suicide. Both artists will conduct grounding exercises and provide information for visitors to experience.

This show is curated by two graduating students, Sara Cissell and Diana Dillman. Sara Cissell will be graduating this upcoming fall 2019 with her BA in Art History and Humanities. Sara has eight years of museum experience formerly working at the Frazier History Museum, and currently the Speed Art Museum. She has interned for the Speed, KMAC, and Sheherzade Gallery. This will be Sara’s first curated show. Diana Dillman graduated Fall 2018 with her BA in Art History and has interned for the Filson Historical Society and the United States Capitol Visitors Center. Diana currently works at the Kentucky Derby Museum. She has previously curated for the Critical and Curatorial Studies II class with “Caprices: Wit and Whimsy,” which was also at Schneider Hall.

 “Mental Misconceptions: The Art of Self-Care” opening reception is on Friday, May 17th, 5-7pm, Schneider Hall Galleries, Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville. 

Image: KCJ Szwedzinski, Ask me How I Really Feel, 2013, montoype, 15” x 11”