From Birth to Death

Korea Fiber Art 2023, Louisville March 24-April 15
From Birth to Death

Korea Fiber Art 2023, Louisville | From Birth to Death
March 24-April 15, 2023
Reception: Friday March 24 | 5-8 PM
Cressman Center for Visual Arts

The Hite Institute of Art and Design is excited to be partnering with Korea Fiber Art Forum to bring  Korea Fiber Art 2023: From Birth to Death to Louisville this Spring 2023. Alongside several local arts organizations including LVA, KMAC Museum, 21c, & Krane House, the CCVA will be exhibiting artworks for the multi-site exhibition.  Originally displayed in Korea in the Fall of 2021, the exhibition features nearly 40 diverse international artists, including Hite Faculty members Mary Carothers, Ying Kit Chan, and Rachel Singel. The exhibition will be on view at the CCVA from March 24-April 15, and across the city throughout March and April.

About KFAF

The objective of KFAF is to shed light on Korea’s creative endeavors using a wide range of fiber based materials.  The scope is broad from artistic narrative expressions to practical approaches that encompass function.  Through our events we hope to share the Korean culture with the rest of the world.  Our members are highly recognized in the field with an abundance of experiences. For more on KFAF please visit their website.