Applying for Tuition Assistance

To apply for tuition assistance, you must have successfully completed basic training and filed paperwork with your unit.
  • You must have successfully completed basic training.
  • You must file paperwork with your unit.

Active Duty Army or Activated Guard/Reserves (AGR)

Visit the Go Army Ed website to process your tuition claim. You must contact the Ft. Knox Education Center at (502)852-6444 for assistance with setting the University of Louisville as your home institution.


Kentucky National Guard (KYNG) Tuition Assistance

Eligibility Requirements for KYNG

Apply for Kentucky National Guard tuition assistance.

The deadlines for National Guard are October 1 (Spring semester) and April 1 (Fall semester).

  • Tuition Assistance will NOT pay the additional amount charged for online courses.
  • 100% paid at any state support university/college for enlisted soldiers. 
    • Does not include fees


Navy Tuition Assistance

A financial assistance program from the Navy. It provides active duty personnel in the Navy, Coast Guard, and Naval Reservists the tuition cost for courses taken in an off-duty status at a college or university that is recognized by the Department of EducationNavy TA pays for both classroom and independent study/distance learning courses, regardless of course length. Courses must be offered in semester hours or quarter hours.

All Navy TA pays up-front the tuition charged by educational institutions for course enrollments. NavyTA will not exceed $250.00 per semester hour.

Your command approved tuition assistance application must be submitted to your supporting Navy College Office or Marine Corps Education Center for processing.

Once received and authorized by your Navy College Office / Marine Corps Education Center, they will prepare a TA Authorization voucher for you to provide to the school.  Keep a copy of the TA Authorization for your records. 

Active duty Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard should visit the Navy College website for updated information.

Visit the My Education website to apply for a TA.


Marine Tuition Assistance

Information about Marine Tuition Assistance can be found on the Official Marines website.

Visit the My Education website to apply for a TA.


Air Force Tuition Assistance

Visit the Air Force education website to apply for a TA.