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Frequently Asked Questions

1)   How do I determine which GI Bill benefits are best for me?Faded Glory

For most situations, our Peer Advisors can answer basic questions about your GI Bill benefits.  If there are special circumstances pertaining to your situation, it would probably be best to contact the VA through their GI Bill Hotline at 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) and speak to a VA advisor. * hint* Once the automated answering service begins, press 1, then 0 to speak to an advisor.  You will be prompted to either call back later (in which case simply call back), you will be put on hold, or your call will be answered.

2)    How do I apply for GI Bill benefits?
You can apply for the GI Bill on the VA website here.  Remember, it can take months to fully process your application, so you’ll want to apply for benefits well before your semester begins to ensure your payments begin on time.

3)    Is it possible to separate from Active Duty early to attend school?
Your specific military branch may have an “Early-Out” program where you may separate from Active Duty up to 90 days early to attend college.  The process, requirements and eligibility vary from branch to branch, so you should contact your on-base Education Center for more details.

4)    Can I use National Guard or Reserve Tuition Assistance in conjunction with GI Bill benefits?
Yes,  as long as you are not activated to Active Duty while using those benefits.  If you are activated, you can either use the Active Duty Tuition Assistance (TA) or GI Bill benefits, but not both.  Also, you must pursue courses at least ½ time (6 credit hours) to apply for TA through the military.  Make sure you speak to your Education Officer or contact your local Education Center and speak to a counselor. 

5)      How much credit will I get for my military experience?
Generally, U of L will grant 4-8 credit hours, depending on your military training.  Depending on what degree program you choose, those credits may or may not count towards your degree.  The Workforce Leadership Program degree may allow you to receive up to 48 credit hours for prior leadership and management experience.

6)   How do I determine if I will pay tuition at the resident or non-resident rate?
Determining residency status is handled by the Office of Enrollment Management in the Houchens Building.  You can view the entire regulation at  If you will be attending U of L while on Active Duty, (including online classes) your tuition is capped at $250 per semester hour to match the Active Duty Tuition Assistance rate, effectively creating no out-of-pocket cost for the service member.

7)    Can I transfer my GI Bill benefits to my spouse or child?
The Ch. 33 (Post 9/11) GI Bill can be transferred to dependents if you are eligible to do so.    This process is pretty specific and can be lengthy, so make sure that you read and understand the order of the process, and begin the process as early as you can to make sure you begin receiving your payments on time.

8)  I’ve been using my GI Bill benefits at another school, but I am transferring to U of L. How do I transfer my benefits to U of L?
You will need to submit a Change of Place of Training Form 22-1995 for everyone except dependents.  Dependents need to fill out Form 22-5495.  You can find the 22-1995 online here, and the 22-5495 here or you can visit Carissa Gentry in the Office of Military and Veteran Student Services to fill out a paper form.

9)   I am applying to U of L, but have never taken the ACT or SAT.  What can I do to fulfill that admissions requirement?
The University wants to ensure that the applying student is ready for a college-level work load.  Therefore,  the ACT or SAT  score as well as previous performance at other academic institutions will help determine a students academic preparedness.  Test dates and locations for the ACT or SAT may be found on  their respective websites, or you can take the ACT Residual Test here at the University of Louisville.  The results of your test can be used almost immediately at U of L.  For further information about the ACT Residual, visit the University of Louisville Testing Services here.

10)     Where can I get help deciding a major if I am undecided?
Deciding on a career path can be difficult.  The Career Development Center on campus will allow you to schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor who can help you by suggesting various majors based off your skills and interests.  It’s best to find out what you want to study as early as possible so you minimize taking classes that you will not need for your final degree.

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