Sponsorship Policy

  1. All current or future sponsorship marketing agreements, inclusive of extensions and renewals of grandfathered agreements, must be communicated to, reviewed by and approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing.
  2. OCM is the only department with authorized signatory authority on all sponsorship agreements or marketing contracts. Individual units or departments should not contract directly with a sponsor on behalf of the University.
  3. Any agreement that provides marketing access to university audiences en masse (eg. all students, all faculty, all staff, all alumni, all visitors) are only managed and executed by OCM in partnership with the Department of Purchasing.
  4. If a unit identifies a prospective sponsor for a specific activity or asset, they must contact OCM to gain approval and ultimately execution of the final agreement.
  5. OCM will be present on any department-specific Request for Proposals where sponsorship or marketing value could be a portion of agreement with the potential vendor, as determined by OCM and the Department of Purchasing.
  6. Anyone responsible for compliance of any type is responsible for notifying the Office of Communications & Marketing of any prohibitions relative to sponsorship.

This policy will be monitored by OCM in cooperation with the Office of Purchasing. There will be an annual review by the Sponsorship Advisory Committee. Any exceptions to this policy must have prior approval from OCM, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


A centralized sponsorship program is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Legal protection of our university – As the institution does more university-wide agreements,  the possibility of violating those contracts could increase as units do their own independent contracts with no coordination
  • Protecting our students – Companies that are marketing directly to our students need to be a product or company that the university can feel confident endorsing
  • Connecting with organizations that align with our university – The university must be sure that companies that UofL engages with as sponsors convey a like-minded brand image
  • Protection of you –The university needs to provide faculty, staff and administrators with a resource for daily use in their departments as guidance
  • Value-add to units – Incremental opportunities for the institution will deliver added value for units



To provide oversight and transparency of the central sponsorship program, a sponsorship advisory committee will be assembled.  This group will have the shared responsibility of reviewing outcomes and processes for the year and make recommendations for the betterment of the institution as it pertains to sponsorship.

Sponsorship marketing is: a business agreement and marketing strategy in which there is a mutual exchange of value (eg. tactical efforts in exchange for cash or barter).  To sponsor something is to leverage a property, event, activity, person/people, or organization with the goal of meeting the sponsor’s marketing objectives and goals. Typically, sponsorship is executed to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. A sponsor is the individual or group that makes that marketing investment.

Gift: a contribution received by an institution for either unrestricted or restricted use in the furtherance of the institution for which the institution has made no commitment of resources or services other than, possibly, committing to use the gifts the donor specifies.  The contribution is a nonreciprocal transfer in that there is no implicit or explicit statement of exchange, purchase of services, or provision of exclusive information.  If the donor receives benefits in return for the contribution, the amount of the gift recorded and reported is reduced by the fair market value of all benefits given. The institution has no obligation to report to the donor how the gift is used or invested, but institutions are not prevented from providing such reports as part of donor stewardship.

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