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Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Master of Science in Civil Engineering online degree at the University of Louisville Online

The minimum curricular requirements for the master’s program are:

Required Courses Thesis Hours Non-Thesis Hours

CEE Electives1



Non-CEE Electives1,2



CEE 690: MS Thesis3 - 6

Technical Electives1,2 - 6




Remedial work may be specified for those applicants who, in the opinion of the faculty, do not have a sufficient background.

1 Electives must be chosen so that at least one-half of the credits counted toward the degree, exclusive of thesis, are 600-level; at least 15 hours of coursework must be in CEE. 

Technical Electives need not necessarily be CEE courses, but the student’s research adviser or academic adviser must approve non-CEE courses.

3 For the thesis option, a student is required to select both an approved M.S. thesis topic and the director and members of the thesis committee during the first term of Graduate Studies. The thesis director must give approval for enrollment in CEE 690.

4 Candidates for the Master of Science degree must have a minimum final cumulative grade point average of 3.00 for all academic work attempted in Graduate Studies. 

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