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Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work online graduate certificate program at the University of Louisville Online

The bachelor in social work program is a 120-121 credit-hour program including 20 upper-division courses (see chart below), as well as the University general education requirements.

Cardinal Core Requirements: 37 credit hours

Beginning in Fall 2018, the University will implement its new general education requirements. Courses that meet Cardinal Core requirements are designated in the catalog using the codes in parentheses in the chart below.

    Minimum Credit Hours
Skills Written Communication (WC) 6
Oral Communication (OC) 3
Quantitative Reasoning (QR) 3
Disciplinary Perspectives Arts & Humanities (AH) 6
Social & Behavioral Sciences (SB) 6 (3 must be in Historical Perspective-SBH)
Natural Sciences (S, SL) 7 (including 1 hr. lab)
Diversity U.S. Diversity (D1) 3*
Global Diversity (D2) 3*
Total credit hours: 37

* The Diversity requirements will be met by taking courses in other Cardinal Core categories that also carry the D1 or D2 designation. This requirement, therefore, does not add hours to the total Cardinal Core Program

Diversity Requirements: 6 credit hours

Lower Division General Electives: 10 credit hours
General Electives may be any combination of college credit hour courses)

Supporting Requirements: 13 credit hours prior to enrolling in the Upper Division

Course Code Course Title Credit
SW 201 ** Introduction to Social Work 3 hours
SW 301 Human Behavior & Social Environment I 3 hours
SW 302 Social Welfare Institutions, Policies & Service 3 hours
SW 303 General Practice I 3 hours
SW 304 General Practice II 3 hours
SW 319 Human Behavior & Social Environment II 3 hours
SW 322 Issues in Policy & Service Delivery 3 hours
SW 405 General Practice III 3 hours
SW 426 Introduction to Social Work Research 3 hours
SW 470 Practicum I 6 hours
SW 472 Practicum Seminar & Lab I 3 hours
SW 406 General Practice IV 3 hours
SW 471 Practicum II 6 hours
SW 473 Practicum Seminar & Lab II 3 hours
BSW Upper Division Electives * (Please see advisor for approval of courses) 12 hours

* Drug and Alcohol Counseling track requires the following electives with a practicum in a substance use treatment setting:

  1. SW 361 Special Issues in Alcohol and Drug Counseling
  2. SW 362 Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders
  3. SW 415 Mental Health OR SW 442 Psychopathology
  4. SW 460 Motivation and Change

** SW 201 Introduction to Social Work: If course has been taken prior to the upper division, the student will need to take another 3 credit hour course to be on target with 120-121 total graduation credit hours.

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