About Us

The Micro/Nano Technology Center (MNTC)encompasses the University of Louisville’s class 100/1000 $30 million cleanroom facility and adjoining laboratories for imaging and packaging capabilities. The center supports a wide range of research initiated by faculty, academic institutions, start-ups, medium and large businesses around the country. The Center’s expertise resides in micro and nanotechnology, sensors, transducers, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), advanced materials, biomedical, space, and governmental applications. This open-access facility is utilized by a wide variety of disciplines in Engineering along with Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine.

In 2016 The Huson Imaging & Characterization Laboratory (HICL) service center was joined with Micro/NanoTechnology Center and is managed as part of the MNTC service center. The Huson Imaging & Characterization Laboratory houses a complete suite of Scanning Electron Microscopes and Atomic Force Microscopes for both imaging and creating novel nano-scale structures. The Facility (1200 sq. ft.) contains extensive nano-imaging, manipulation, and probing equipment, together with specialized nanofabrication equipment. 

Our operations emphasize ease of access to our facilities, on-site fabrication services, protection of intellectual property (IP), a large array of capabilities and experience, online bill payment, competitive pricing and a business mindset.