About Us

The MNTC is a state-of-the-art, class 100/1000 cleanroom facility at UofL established to support a wide range of research and academic initiatives in areas of micro/nanotechnology, advanced materials, biotechnology, MEMS, semiconductors, electro-optics, and advanced manufacturing. This 10,000 ft2 AGI-designed cleanroom facility is strategically divided into 7 bays. The MNTC also includes a dedicated Packaging Lab, TCAD Design Lab, and Machine Shop. This open-access user facility is utilized by a wide variety of disciplines, including ECE, ME, BE, ChE, Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine.

In 2016 The Huson Nanotechnology Core Facility (HNCF) service center was joined with Micro/NanoTechnology Center and is managed as part of the MNTC service center. This reorganization is intended to connect MNTC’s large external user base to HNCF services, with the goal of increasing revenue in support of maintaining and further expanding HNCF capabilities.