William Ehringer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Medical Biophysics, Indiana University, 1993

M.S. Biology, Purdue University, 1990

B.A. Biology, Indiana University S.E., 1988

Research Interests: To elucidate the endothelial intracellular second messengers and protein kinases responsible for alterations in endothelial intercellular permeability and regulation of leukocyte extravasation. An in vitro model using human derived endothelium is utilized to monitor these processes under both no flow (static) and various flow rates, to determine the effect of shear on endothelial intercellular permeability and leukocyte extravasation. In addition, the role of the extracellular matrix is investigated in both the permeability and extravasation processes.

Office/laboratory: HSC B307

Tel. Number: (502) 852 - 7410

E-mail address:wdehri01@gwise.louisville.edu

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