Welcome to Pathology

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine continues to maintain its primary teaching program at the University of Louisville Hospital, but relies heavily on support for its residency and fellowship training with Norton Hospital, Jewish Hospital, and the Medical Examiner’s Office. Under the direction of Dr. Toni Ganzel, Dean of the School of Medicine, we are developing a new approach to healthcare, research and education.

See more about our new approach to healthcare, research, education and our Chairman, Dr. Eyas Hattab.

The NOVEMBER Pathology Spotlight is on:

Dr. Hattab lead a CAP inspection of an independent Kentucky Laboratory, Frankfort on October 28th. He was joined by Ms. Shannon Nun, Dr. Khaled Alkhateeb, Dr. Harpreet Chopra and Dr. Marc Rumpler.


The OCTOBER Pathology Spotlight is on:

The Association of Clinical Scientists is presenting their virtual symposium entitled "Problems and Challenges with COVID-19 Laboratory Testing". This half-day conference will take place on November 13th from 2:00 - 5:00 pm EST and you won't want to miss it!

The baton has been passed to our very own Dr. Mark Linder to represent the Pathology Department on the Student Promotions Committee

Thanks to Dr. Meena-Leist for her leadership skills, positive attitude and impressive ability to juggle many balls in the air! She is a great example to the residents. Great job, Dr. Meena-Leist!

Our residents had a spooky good time with a Halloween carving contest at your friendly ULH morgue. Everyone showed some serious skill but Dr. Merryl Terry and Dr. Andrea Breaux took home the "Best Pumpkin Carver" Award! Awesome job! Bragging rights granted!