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The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine continues to maintain its primary teaching program at the University of Louisville Hospital, but relies heavily on support for its residency and fellowship training with Norton Hospital, Jewish Hospital, and the Medical Examiner’s Office. Under the direction of Dr. Toni Ganzel, Dean of the School of Medicine, we are developing a new approach to healthcare, research and education.

See more about our new approach to healthcare, research, education and our Chairman, Dr. Eyas Hattab.

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June is a very busy month! So much news to impart!

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Buenos Dias from Dr. Fernandez! 

On May 28th, Dr. Rafael Fernandez joined the Immunology, Treatment and Diagnostic Methods for COVID-19 Webinar. He presented on "Immunological and Inflammatory Markers in COVID-19 Infection”. He will also give a presentation next week to the School of Medicine of the same University. It will be on Vaccines for COVID-19. Thank you, Dr. Fernandez, for being a pioneer in the treatment of COVID-19!

A BIG Thank You from Dr. Meena Leist!

Our personal and professional lives were changed overnight with the new virus, and these past two months have been the busiest and most challenging of my career. COVID19 threatened to severely decrease our blood supply, and our residents assisted with conservation efforts that ensured every patient had the life-saving blood component needed during this crisis. Click here to read more about our residents contributions to make so many important things happen. These positive changes could not have happened without their hard work and I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone!