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The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine continues to maintain its primary teaching program at the University of Louisville Hospital, but relies heavily on support for its residency and fellowship training with Norton Hospital, Jewish Hospital, and the Medical Examiner’s Office. Under the direction of Dr. Toni Ganzel, Dean of the School of Medicine, we are developing a new approach to healthcare, research and education.

See more about our new approach to healthcare, research, education and our Chairman, Dr. Eyas Hattab.

The AUGUST Pathology Spotlight is on:

Dr. Faysal Fedda, Dr. Mustafa Al-Kawaaz and Dr. Kristina 'Nina' Wakeman have been selected to participate in the 2020-2021 Seminar on Teaching for New Faculty (STNF).


Our former Clinical Chemistry fellow, Dr. Cierra Sharp's abstract  “A Shared Diagnostic Stewardship Approach to Autoimmune Encephalopathy Send-Out Testing” has been selected as the winning management sciences abstract for the Management Sciences and Patient Safety Division for the 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting.  Click here to read more.


This is the first senior surgical pathology rotation and Dr. Andrea Breaux has been killing it! She has been doing a lot of frozen sections independently, taking charge of new cases and teaching junior residents.  A big thank you for a great job!"


The JULY Pathology Spotlight is on:

Dr. Rafael Fernandez was invited to participate as panelist on a virtual forum on scientfic research and its contributions to society on the 39th Anniversary of the "Dirección General de Investigación" (Research Office) of the Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala. Check out the link (but only if you speak Spanish!)  Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala Virtual Forum.

The Journal of the American Medical Association shared some interesting news concerning the under counting of pathologists in the workforce. The AAMC database excludes any pathologist who has received formal training in any of the various pathology sub-specialties: cytopathology, dermatopathology, hematopathology, forensic pathology and seven others. This explains why the specialty of pathology has appeared to shrink during the past decade. The actual count is 21,292 in contrast to the AAMC published number of 12,839. Wow! What a difference! There are more pathologists out there than we thought! Thank you JAMA for sharing this information! To read the full report, please visit JAMA.