Russell D. Salter, Ph.D.



Dr. Salter is the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Director of the Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences in the School of Medicine. He previously directed a research laboratory with interests in antigen processing, inflammation mediated by macrophages, and the role of dendritic cells in initiating immune responses.  His roles in the Department are to teach areas of specialty and to serve on the admissions committee as well as thesis committees.

Recent Publications

Keyel, PA, Heid ME, Watkins, SC, and Salter, RD.  Visualization of bacterial toxin induced responses using live cell fluorescence microscopy. J. Vis. Exp., (68) e4427, DOI: 10-3791/4227, 2012.

Keyel, PA, Tkacheva, OA, Larregina, AT, and Salter, RD. Coordinate Stimulation of Macrophages by Microparticles and TLR Ligands Induces Foam Cell Formation. J. Immunol., 189:4621-4629, 2012.

Sun, C, Heid, M.E., Keyel, P.A. and Salter,RD.  The second transmembrane domain of P2X7 contributes to dilated pore formation. PLoS ONE: 8: e61886, 2013.

Keyel, PA, Roth, R, Yokoyama, WM, Heuser, JE, and Salter, RD. Reduction of Streptolysin O (SLO) pore forming activity enhances inflammasome activation. Toxins, 5:1105-13, 2013.

Heid, ME, Keyel, PA, Kamga, K, Shiva, S, Watkins, SC, and Salter RD.  Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Induces NLRP3-Dependent Lysosomal Damage and Inflammasome Activation. J. Immunol., 191:5230-8, 2013.

Keyel, PA, Romero, M, Wu, W, Kwak, DH, Zhu, Q, Liu, X, and Salter, RD. Methylthioadenosine Reprograms Macrophage Activation through Adenosine Receptor Stimulation. PLoS ONE 9: e104210, 2014.

Zaccard CR, Watkins SC, Kalinski P, Fecek RJ, Salter RD, Ayyavoo V, Rinaldo CR, and Mailliard RB. T helper cell-associated CD40 ligand induces tunneling nanotube networks in dendritic cells activated by mediators of type-1 immunity. J. Immunol, 194:1047-56, 2015.