Patient Education and Experience Coordination

Patient Education and Experience Coordination

With its outstanding healthcare providers and its world-class facilities, the University of Louisville is considered one of the premier academic healthcare research centers in the region. However, in an effort to further improve patient care delivery and education, the U of L Department of Medicine Lung Health Initiative has established the Patient Experience Coordination and Education Program.

Patient Education

This "program of excellence" is designed to improve patient care delivery throughout the system by facilitating communication with patients and referring physicians, accelerating access to care, and providing education about lung disease to patients, families, and the community in general.

The program is spearheaded by Tamra Perez, RN, Patient Care Coordinator for the Lung Health Initiative. With training in nursing and research, and more than 20 years experience patient care delivery and academia, Ms. Perez is poised to establish a unique multifaceted program that will undoubtedly serve as a role model for the development of similar programs elsewhere.

Mrs. Perez and her team are not establishing a regular "call center." The Patient Experience Coordination and Education Program is much more than that.

Staffed by experienced nurses, the program will provide quick access to physicians, will assist patients with their care, and will facilitate the transfer of information between referring physicians and U of L providers, among many other tasks. In essence, the program will be a centralized resource responsible for coordinating the efforts of hundreds of providers in all aspects of the patient care experience in both the ambulatory and hospital arenas.

In addition, the Program will expand its current efforts in patient education. Through a series of didactic presentations and patient support group sessions, the Program will continue to provide education to patients and their families about lung disease and, importantly, about lung health.

In the words of Mrs. Perez, "The Patient Experience Coordinator and Education Program is not just about providing education and helping our patients navigate the complex healthcare system, its true goal is to create a home for them."

With the above in mind, the Program will develop processes that will ensure outstanding care with seamless integration of diagnostic testing, medical management, and follow-up.