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Class of 2015

Matthew Allinder MD

Matt Allinder, MD

Joseph Bales MD

Joseph Bales, MD

Megan Bertke MD

Megan Bertke, MD

Erin Brumley MD

Erin Brumley, MD

Thomas Cunningham MD

Thomas Cunningham, MD

Benjamin Favier MD

Benjamin Favier, MD

Bobby O'Bryan MD

Bobby O'Bryan, MD

Neagum Patel MD

Neagum Patel, MD

Amanda Zhang MD

Amanda Zhang, MD

Class of 2016

Charlotte Crowley MD

Charlotte Crowley, MD

Kiran Faryar MD

Kiran Faryar, MD

Joseph Grossman MD

Joseph Grossman, MD

Priya Gujarati MD

Priya Gujarati, MD

Zach Harris MD

Zach Harris, MD

Matthew Hicks MD

Matt Hicks, M.D.

Chris Kennedy MD

Chris Kennedy, MD

Philip Oliver MD

Phil Oliver, MD

Andrew Ramsey MD

Andrew Ramsey, MD

David Roach MD

David Roach, MD

Shirali Shah MD

Shirali Shah, MD



Class of 2016

Brenden Akins, MD

Samuel Aya, MD

Don Bertolotti, MD

Tiffany Campbell, MD

Emilyann Faulk, MD

Daniel Frick, MD

Justin Geralds, MD

Meg Pusateri, MD

Shaun Reynolds, MD

Corey Warf, MD

School of Medicine

Abell Administration Building
323 East Chestnut Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Office Hours

M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

No Holiday Hours


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